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ginacloud said:

Hello /She waves/

Hello there. {‘He smiles a bit;}

Hello there everyone.

Shout-out to Cheonguk Apartments the best family I have ever joined.

Shout-out to Cheonguk Apartments the best family I have ever joined.

Bam & Hyuk


Sanghyuk had been watching only because he’d been curious. Of course, there were a few minors were able to sweet talk or charm their way inside of an adult club, including him. All he had to do was bat his lashes sweetly to one of the owners or bouncers, and he found himself inside with everyone else. Since becoming a boyfriend, he hadn’t danced with anybody like he used to, but Hyuk enjoyed dancing by himself just as much. Tonight, however, he didn’t dance. He sat at the bar with his coke in his hand, and the other male had caught his attention. He looked so young, Sanghyuk wondered how he even made it passed the bouncers.

Hyuk noticed that the other seemed to be close with almost everyone, but it took him about ten or fifteen minutes to realize that the male was dealing– as in, giving out drugs. His eyes narrowed slightly, disapproving of the male’s actions. But who was Hyuk to judge? While thinking to himself, Sanghyuk realized that the male had moved from his spot on the other side of the bar. He quickly glanced through the crowd to see if the male had started selling again, but he couldn’t spot the blonde strip or the youthful face anywhere in the crowd.

He started when he heard someone’s voice behind him. He turned his stool to see the young male that he’d been curiously watching all night. He scoffed quietly and unintentionally, noting how smug the other’s voice seemed to be. He shrugged lightly and cast his eyes back into the group of dancers on the floor. “You’re not very discreet about your business, you know.”

Bam chuckled softly before pulling himself onto the seat next to the male, leaning his back against the bar behind him, staring off into the crowd of people before looking back at the other. “Do you really think I need to be discreet around this place?” He asked rhetorically before motioning his hand to the crowd of dancing bodies. “Look carefully, do you think any one of those people care much to go to the authorities about what I’m doing?” The boy’s eyes from face to face, dazed expressions, dilated pupils; a good chunk of people were higher than kites.

"A good chunk of these people are my regulars, some go to others and some just show up like that.." He turned back to the other. "Either way, it would be an inconvenience for them to get me into trouble. Not that’ll take much to get out of." He smiled mischievously, propping his elbow onto the counter and resting his chin into his palm. "You never did answer my question."

Let’s talk hm, Perhaps go for a bite?
Come join me. {‘Smirks slightly;}

Aim: b_bamm

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